Flatrate shipping on handdyed yarns
Flatrate shipping on handdyed yarns
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Advent calendar 2023

You have just opened your advent box which brought you to this page. Welcome!

From December 1st you are going to discover a 25 gram skein of Igneae every day for 24 days in a row. As you already read, they are grouped in four sets of 6 skeins, which are inspired by the four seasons. The complete set of 24 skeins does however all go together, and although the skeins are numbered, you could mix the colours up as you please as there is no necessary order. I did make sure though that if you do use the colours in the order they are opened they create a nice striping with enough contrast and alternation.

I chose Igneae for this calendar, as it is my most popular yarn base and it is so very versatile. A sock yarn in the first place, as both the ramie and silk make it strong and durable. But these fibers also give Igneae its shine and drape, which makes for lovey shawls and flowy garments. All 24 mini's together are aproximately 600 gram / 2520 meter / 2756 yard of yarn. Plenty for a substantial shawl, a blanket, or a garment. Or several pairs of colourful socks.

You might already know exactly what you are going to make or maybe you need some ideas and inspiration on what you could create with your advent calendar mini's.

Helen Stewart (Ravelry link) has designed many patterns over the years especially for yarn advent calendars. Lots to choose from, big and small. I especially love the Anthology Throw.

Anthology Throw by Helen Stewart (Ravelry)

Another designer who has quite a few designs especially suited for yarn advent calendars is Ambah O'Brien. I love mosaic knitting, so chose to share her Amrosia wrap with you. But go have a look at the many patterns she has designed for mini skein sets.

Ambrosia wrap by Ambah O'Brien


A sweater that has been on my wish list for quite some time is the Paul Klee sweater by Midori Hirose (Ravelry) which happens to use up to 24 colours in the yoke depending on the size. You won't need your full mini's, so you could maybe even knit multiple advent projects if you feel ambitious!

Paul Klee sweater by Midori Hirose (Ravelry)

You could pick almost any sweater or cardigan pattern you like and think would look good striped and use the mini's as you go. But a pattern like Stripes by Andrea Mowry seems like a pretty perfect yarn advent sweater pattern to guide you through this.

Stripes! by Andrea Mowry

But like said, Igneae is a very lovely sock yarn. Choose your favourite vanilla sock pattern and stripe away. Or knit your cuffs one day, stripey legs on day 2 and 3, the heels on day 4....you get where I am going. And end up with a fresh pile of socks at the end of advent!

 I created a Ravelry bundle with a bunch more pattern inspiration which I am pretty sure I will keep adding to:



I would love to see what you are making, please use #ovisetc2023advent so we won't miss anything.