Natural sock yarn club 2

Natural sock yarn club 2

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Join this bi-monthly journey & discover all that is good about natural sock yarns!


My search for natural, non superwash, no nylon sock yarns never seems to end. And I would like to invite you to come along on this quest. I have some new sock yarns planned for Ovis et cetera and would love for you to try them out first.


Spread over the year you will receive 6 different all natural sock yarns. A few familiar ones, but at least 3 of them will be new.


All Ovis et cetera yarns are 100% made out of natural materials, non-superwash & hand dyed sustainably with GOTS-certified dyes.


Every 2 months you will receive at least 100 grams of sock yarn. Either as a full skein, a big skein with a mini, a mini skein set, or anything in between. You get to taste and experience the different characteristics of 6 different sock yarns. And your sock drawer will get stocked up with toasty natural socks bit by bit over the year.


When exactly you will receive what specific base will be a surprise, as well as the colours. In the end, you will have a lovely Ovis et cetera sock yarn collection dyed up in signature Ovis Et cetera colourways.


With every shipment, you will receive a little information and background story about that particular yarn, as well as several pattern suggestions, specifically suitable for that month's yarn base.


Your yarns will ship in the first week of each of the following months: January, March, May, July, September & November. All shipping is included in the price. Subscribe, and enjoy a year of bi-monthly woolly surprises in your mail.


Let's fill up those sock drawers!


(If you rather not use silk, please let me know and I will replace that month's skein with another one. You will then receive one of the other bases twice, they will of course get dyed up in different colourways.)