Dimidium Chocolate

Dimidium Chocolate

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Soft and drapey because of the high ramie content, and as it's spun quite loose, slightly thick and thin, then plied into a relaxed two ply. You can see the ramie fibers swirling through the yarn which gives it almost a bit of a marled look in the darker colourways. Dimidium is a great yarn if you want something not as warm as pure wool.

DK weight
50% wool
50% ramie
100 gram / 250 meter / 273 yard

On pure wool this colourway is a true chocolate brown, Dimidium gives it some serious dustiness, which makes it almost a brown-grey.

Ramie is a plant fiber that gives shine and drape. It is very strong and antibacterial.

Grown and spun in South America.